Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rose Festival Dragon Boat Racing!

What a busy weekend it was, filled with Dragon Boat Racing down on the Waterfront! On Monday I played catch-up, running errands and hanging with Grandma, but Saturday and Sunday were packed with races!!

I've been a member of the Sundragons Plus racing team for the past three years. The Rose Festival races are the only race where flag-catchers are required; otherwise, boats just cross a finish line at other festivals. Once my team noticed how tall I am, they asked me to flag-catch, and I've been doing it for Rose Festival since!

Here are photo highlights in a slideshow from a fellow Sundragons member. :) These photos are from after the race, going back to the start of the race... I'm wearing a white sweatshirt, black pants, and a black life-vest at the front of the boat. Don't miss the ones of me reaching out to grab that flag!

Erica also took some great shots after the race...

High fives coming up the ramp off the dock...

Number one in the quarter-finals, baby!
Our typical weekend picture... on the Waterfront, this time. :)
So, our team placed third in the semi-finals, and only first or second advanced to the finals. It was a good showing, and since I started three years ago our team moved up from Division II to Division I. We're getting there... perhaps next year we'll make it to the Division I finals!

I also had a little celebrity sighting on Sunday. We took at lunch break at Three Degrees on the Waterfront, (inside the Riverplace Hotel - where Mike and I stayed on our wedding night). Anyway, I'm eating lunch... and notice a guy who looks a LOT like Brenden Fraser sitting one table over. Mike confirmed -- it was him! He's shooting a movie in town with Harrison Ford right now. Uh, hello? Why couldn't Indiana Jones have been sitting next to me? Oh well!

Nights this past weekend were pretty packed, too, with a going away party for a former co-worker at KGW at the VQ Friday night, babysitting Ethan and Ben Sunday night, and a Karaoke Klub reality-show pilot taping on East Burn Saturday night. Hilarity ensued...

How Mike and I felt about the first singer...

Preston and Melissa... also horrified...

Normal, fun picture time. :)

Having fun with my hubby...

Cute pic of Ben and Teresa! Love your necklace, girl! ;)
Normal P-town and Melissa...
Erica and Corey :)

Anyway, that was the weekend! Erica and I also rode the crazy sling-shot ride on the Waterfront Saturday after Dragon Boat racing. What fun times! Now Mike's back to work at Fox this week, as I countdown to my re-employment in TV news. :)

Happy Tuesday!



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