Monday, June 1, 2009

My Oh My!

The sun has been shining, and I've been too busy to blog! These past few days have been really fun and exciting. :) First up -- I officially signed a new contract to work at KATU news as the 4pm producer. It's a two year gig, and I'm really excited about it! No school districts are hiring right now, I get a good vibe from the newsroom, and it's better pay and a great shift than KGW, (graveyard), so I think this is all working out quite well. Also very cool -- I don't start until July 1st! So, I have the comfort of knowing I'll have a job in a month, but I still get to play in the sun for a few weeks!
The fun has already begun, (and, it seems, so has summer), as evidenced by these latest adventures! :)

Enjoying a brew and bustin' out the new suit on the beach at Sauvie Island Saturday.

The beach boys... minus Benner...

The beach girls... minus Meagan.

Erica showing a little love for the camera. ;)

Posing with Kai-errhea on a little hike up a creek in the Gorge to
Oneonta Falls on Sunday afternoon with Mike and Sarah-mony!
Oh yea -- I also got the Bettie Page bangs on Friday after a trip to the salon to see Mitch. :)

Sarah posing in the creek with her fabulous new super-short haircut. Love it!

Our little water dog -- Kai cried about the swimming a bit... but she did it in some spots!! Weird dog... loves walking around in water, but hates to doggie paddle!

Mike posing with the sign that says "Danger! Do not climb on the log jam in the creek!"

Mike posing on the log jam in the creek... come on! You have to climb over it to get to the water fall! Everybody's doing it... ;)
Me climbing up into the little cave Kai decided to crawl into... and refuse to come out of... last summer when I was nannying. Luckily, right now the water's low enough that she couldn't get up there if she'd tried! Did I mention we were hiking around this cold-ass creek around 5 in the evening. Not the best light in the little creek gorge!

Sarah and I with Kai on the way out. Look how pretty the creek gorge is behind us. This little hike is amazing if you haven't been!
Here's a web site with directions to the hike... If you want to take the creek walk, just take the stairs that lead down from the bridge to the creek and walk through the water! :)

Today I'm blogging, working out at the gym, getting a massage from Sarah, and hoping we can take off camping for a couple of days! If not today -- maybe tomorrow! In the meantime, I just listed this necklace on Etsy -- one of my favorites, and perfect for summer!

Happy Monday! :)

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