Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ready, Set, GO! It's summer adventure time!!

The weather in Portland has continued to be BEAUTIFUL! As a result, it's been adventure time for Mike and I. We had such a lovely afternoon Sunday with Sarah-mony in the Gorge, that Mike suggested we head back out for a little camping and hiking. So, we did just that... and took off Monday afternoon, (after massages from Sarah -- AWESOME), and went to Ainsworth State Park in the Gorge, near Multnomah Falls. One night of camping was mucho fun-o, as you can see below! :)
Me, doing my "Ranger Kate" dance...

I went down to the car to get something... and came back to a husband with a popped collar, on his cell phone, (douche-bag say what?). I couldn't believe he had reception! He just called to tell his Dad what we were up to, and said the popped collar was protecting him from mosquitos.
A view of our site... and our giant 6-person tent Mike insisted we get, (instead of the 4-person tent I wanted). This is the first time we've used all the camping stuff we registered for as part of our wedding registry last year. He worked weekends last summer! Now it's on, (and our giant tent leaves room for us, our bags, and Kai and her bed, too)!

Pose much? Warming up by the fire. :)

Roasting weenies on the fire! Look at that dog!

After our overnight camping trip, we packed up camp and drove up Highway 30 a bit to hike into Oneonta Gorge again, (same spot, different trail), and hiked up to Triple Falls.

Mike and I snapping a photo on the trail...

Kai and I in front of a "mini" waterfall.

Kai is a hiking machine!

Mike and I checking out the view of Triple Falls.

I also gave Mike a bit of a scare by walking around the Falls and out onto that log. :) Check it out in the video below!! (I'm as tiny as an ant, so look to the right of the log by the trees after Mike pans down)...

Well, that's it for now. Mike and I are about to go pick up my "Little Sister", Coyla, to take her out to sushi for dinner! Have a lovely Wednesday evening! :)

Come see me at First Thurday in the Pearl tomorrow evening, too. I'll be out with other Handmade Northwest Artists at NW 17th and Lovejoy. Hope to see you there!


Katery <3

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