Saturday, March 26, 2011

Busy Birthday Weekend: Round 1!

Each year this weekend in March marks celebrations for the birthdays for 2 of my closest friends: Erica and Melissa! This afternoon is a nautical themed pub crawl for Erica, but last night a few of us got together to celebrate Melissa's birthday with drinks in my 'hood at Swift, dinner at Aviary, and dancing at Holocene, (we went to Sassy's, too -- but that's another story).

Anyway, I'm a bit on the hungover side today, so am chilling out, relaxing in bed and wanted to share pictures from a FUN night out!

Birthday girl...
M and M...
Such pretty food at Aviary... you know there'll be a "Go Stick A Fork In It" post about this dinner!
Tasty drink at Swift!
Preston... always such a ladies' man!

So, I'm just getting ready to drag myself out of the condo to go have fun at E's birthday party! Such a rough life... hee hee...


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