Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sick in bed = time to blog!

So annoyed with co-workers who feel the need to show up at work SICK. Why? Because now I'm sick. Yes, it's entirely possible someone else in the world outside of the office could've gotten me sick, but I choose to blame people who come to work very sick anyway.

I've been in bed the last 2 days with the WORST cold. Argh. I've been reading "The Other Boleyn Girl", watching "The Tudors" all over again from season 1, (just on to season 2, actually), and also watched "Sex and Lucia" this evening. Unfortunately, after being confined to a bed/our condo for so long after crashing my bicycle, I'm OVER it.

So, anyway, thought I'd take this opportunity to take a break from watching movies/reading and update my poor, neglected blog.

Mike's working this weekend, vacation relief at KGW, so it's just me, my little computer, and my lazy dog hangin' out!

Week before last I was in San Diego for work and had an absolutely lovely trip. The weather in SD was record lows, but it was warmer and sunnier than Portland, so it worked for me! I got to spend the week in training for work, getting to know some of my co-workers better, as well. I'd say we had a good time winding down in the evenings...
After work wrapped up on Friday, I spent the evening catching up with some very missed friends: Tara, my roomie from Palm Springs, Chrissy, a pal from high school who I hadn't seen in 6 years or so, and former KGW reporter Jen Coleman! So fun to see everyone!

The next day I rented a car and headed up to Hollywood to hang out with very, very, very good, sexy, hot, fabulous friend Carrie. She and her two little Mexican babies are just about the cutest things ever...

So good to see her and the boys... she'd better get her butt up to Portland to visit/go wine tasting this summer!! :)

The next morning, I stopped off in Malibu on my way back to San Diego to catch my flight... Had a delightful lunch with two of my favorite people -- my Uncle Dave and Aunt Ann. Aren't they snazzy?
And look at my uber-delicious lunch. That Gladstones makes a mean taco salad! Yummmm...
Anyway, that's about it for tonight. Going to try to eat something and probably watch some more Tudors before bed. Adios amigos!


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