Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aaaaarrrgh... Naughty Pirate Nautical Earrings

Okay, so I've had a love affair with pirates for a few years now. I think it culminated when the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out the summer after I graduated from college. My friend Jen and I went to see the movie 7 times in the theater that summer, (yea, we had some time on our hands -- no classes and no jobs yet). Of course, Swiss Family Robinson was also my favorite movie growing up... and the pirates in that movie were awesome!! Anyway, I picked up these sweet little charms at Dava Bead the other day... and was inspired tonite to mix them into a fun pair of earrings!

I love mixing red and light blue together... and there are elements of brass, gold and copper mixed into this pair. Mixed metals, good colors -- fabulous! And speaking of colors... when I was in Seattle the other night I saw an HGTV show called The Ultimate Color Guide. Has anyone ever seen this guy? He's fabulous... extremely cute and obviously gay... but aren't all the hot ones anyway?! (By the way, this picture does not do him justice -- he's adorable, and I love the tat).

Here's a link for the show:


I mean, seriously, I am in love with the living room he did on the episode I saw, (except for that horrible stone fireplace -- that he couldn't remove or otherwise would have). Check it out:

I love mixing those colors together.. and there are some paintings hanging on the wall, (not shown in the picture), that he just busted out... out of nowhere. I want him to come to my house! Actually, no, I want to do it myself... and just watch his show for ideas on how to do it well. Anyway, our bedroom is orange and turquoise... a color combination that horrified my husband at first, but now it's like our little, (very packed), island oasis. I can't wait until we have more space! 660 square feet for both of us plus a 50 pound husky is a bit tight.

Okay, so from sailors to design... that's what's on my mind tonite. I'm TIRED! In another hour my graveyard-working friend comes to pick up jewelry I made for her and for her mom... then it's off to bed for me! 'Night! :)


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