Friday, March 20, 2009

Step Into Spring...

... with a little fashion! This necklace is the newest item in my shop... and I'm loving it!

I've had the idea in mind to use ribbon to tie a necklace off, and it finally came to fruition! I also made a trip out to an awesome rock shop here in Portland, Ed's House of Gems, today and walked out with some fabulous new agate slices and rose quartz pendants for future items. I haven't posted these agate slice necklaces I'm making now to Etsy yet, but they're soon to come. I've gotten great response about them so far... so stay tuned for those!
In the meantime, tonight I'm off to hang out with my "sista", Miss Julie Ramey, and Kai's coming with me to hang out with Chrissy, Julie and Donald's pit bull. Poor Julie has to go back to work at nearly midnight... probably to escort some superstar to his or her room at The Nines hotel. Sweet job... even at midnight on Friday, I guess.
This weekend should be busy with Erica's birthday festivities tomorrow... and finally a little quality time with my "L'il Sis" Coyla, whom I haven't seen in a long time. What a sisterly weekend! I wish I could've made it to Shannon's reception in Nevada for Rainbow Girls... but it sounds like it's also going to be bittersweet.. and I perhaps the less emotional things happening in my life right now -- the better! There's a lot of difficult stuff going on... but looking on the bright side... the flowers are blooming on the trees outside. I LOVE it.

Cheers! :)

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