Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day! (For 1 more minute!)

Just had a great night out for St. Patty's Day! Started off at an Irish joint in Old Town... then headed to SE for a little bowling at Grand Central. Good times! Lots of Guiness! :) Here's a shot of my good friend Erica and I courtesy of Kevin's iPhone.

I don't usually get so into the holiday, but as you can see -- we were pretty into it! I believe the enthusiasm on my end is in part because I'm still waiting on my teaching license -- therefore, have no job... and get really happy when people want to go out on a Tuesday night. Even so, I felt like we took it easy! A few other people went to the craziness that is Kell's -- packed crowd, $20 cover, and Porta-Potties? No thanks!

We'll see how well step class goes at the gym tomorrow. Ugh.



P.S. Note the eclectic mix of St. Patty's Day fun-ness around my neck. I love being a jewelry designer! :)

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