Monday, March 30, 2009

Vintage Bride... Search For Shoes!

I just posted a new item on Etsy... Antiqued Brass Glass Pearl Earrings

I love these sweet little earrings... very vintage-y bridal to me. I could see a lot of Portland brides rockin' them. :) Like check out these fabulous brides I found on Flickr...

I love it! Of course, I waited to get my tattoo half sleeve going 'til after the wedding.... and the one on my foot. In fact, I had just one teeny little Japanese kanji for zen barely visible on my shoulder on our wedding day. Now, it would be another story. :)

Meantime... I'm on the hunt for some cute gold sandals. There are thousands online... and trust me, I spent about an hour last night perusing quite a few of them, but I'm super picky and couldn't find anything I like. I've been wearing gold a lot more lately... and want to get some cute, flat sandals in time for Palm Springs, (we leave Saturday, yay)! So far, not so much luck. I'm not a big fan of the gladiator styles... way too trendy for me... and I'm super picky about t-strap sandals because I already have narrow feet... and they make them look even skinnier. Isn't it funny how particular some people can be about their shoes? It's ridiculous, but now that I've spent so much time looking, (I also went shopping with Erica for about 5 hours yesterday... marathon shopping wore me out), I want to make sure I get the perfect pair. So far -- I'm not sure they even exist. Oh well! C'est la vie. :) I did manage to find an awesome yellow skirt at JCrew yesterday. Woot!

And.... while looking for a picture of that skirt to post, (which was, as it turns out, too elusive)... I found video and a picture of Michelle Obama from last year... wearing the same yellow sweater I have from J Crew. I love her!! :)


Me (last Fall during student teaching):

Yay! Off to the gym before a day of hanging out with Grandma and Mike. :)



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