Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday Fun!

Well, it wasn't my birthday... but Erica's birthday was Monday and we had a great group celebration Saturday night. Check out the pic.. Erica and I always manage to take a picture together! :)

She and I also re-celebrated her birthday Monday night with beer @ her house then McMenamins. Yum! Tuesday night Mike and I celebrated at another McMenamin's... the birthday of a neighbor. Mmm... who's next on the birthday list? I think my niece Heather on April 16th!

July is the time of year when my family has a serious birthday stretch -- me on the 7th, followed by Shannon, Grandma, my brother and sister! It's crazy! This year my other niece Shannon turns 21. I can't believe it! Look at what a cute baby she was... with my best friend growing up and I... posing near our house in Littleton, Colorado.

That's Jo-Lee and I as little girls... and now she's helping inspire my tattoo half sleeve... I'm working with a local artist who she recommended. Look at what we're doing now!

That's Jo-Lee and Preston and I at my wedding. And this is what's on my left bicep now...
Anyway... randomness. I felt like I should update my blog... and started going off on a tangent. So... here's the newest listing on Etsy...

They're made from black onyx beads, found in Eastern Oregon in the 1920s... I paired them with funky gold ear wires and vintage-looking brass beads. Love these!

Have a happy Wednesday night! We're off for a triple date to go bowling at Grand Central. FUN! :)


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