Saturday, May 16, 2009

1 Weekend BBQ Down... 1 To Go

I know, I know. My life is rough, (NOT). Mike and I had a lovely evening catching up with KGW friends at a birthday BBQ this evening. Now we're home crashing on the couch. It was a long craft fair day... followed by several hours, (and a lot of Sangria), at Scooter's house. Tomorrow we're off to dragon boating practice and a BBQ at Julie's casa. Fun! It's BEAUTIFUL weather in Stumptown this weekend. It must've been 85 today... and is supposed to be nearly 90 tomorrow!

Another exciting development today... the evolution of my new business logo. I recruited my Father-in-law's fabulous girlfriend for help with this one. I had no idea how much work it would be, and she's taking it seriously -- working hard, (even on the weekend), to help me create a fabulous new look. Here's what she's come up with so far. I'd love to hear what you think, too, readers! :)

3 feathers to choose from as the main graphic image for Katery Designs... Tanya and I both like the one in the middle the most! A spin on Damask, (my fave print of the moment)!

More Damask.... a possible start to a business card design... more teal, less brown... a peacock feather on the side instead of the Damask print...


Katery <3

P.S. Thanks to all my girls who stopped by my booth today -- Meagan, Kelly, Teresa -- you girls ROCK!! :)

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