Thursday, May 7, 2009

Belos Anéis de Flor

Today the language of choice is Portuguese, used to name my newest masterpieces... and I'm so happy with how these turned out!!

Check out the "Belos Anéis de Flor" or Beautiful Flower Rings that came to fruition this afternoon!

I bought a silk flower ring at a shop on NW 23rd Ave. when I was out shopping with Erica a few weeks ago. Much to my dismay, the artist didn't put it together very well... and it fell apart after just a couple of times wearing it. So, I thought I could make cuter rings... better!

For these I trimmed off individual silk hydrangea leaves... then stacked them together using a handmade sterling headpin and a single swarovski crystal... then I glued them onto these adjustable base metal rings, (in gold or silver), and there ya go!

Yay! Fabulous new rings... perfect for Spring and Summer... and they won't fall apart on you! I plan to list them on Etsy tomorrow.

'Til then it's off to spin class and weightlifting for me! Have a fabulous evening! :)


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