Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

In a bit, Mike and I will be off a bit south of Portland to go wine tasting at Willamette Valley Vineyards, but first a little hello and some pictures from the coast! We ended up staying an extra night since all the rooms were half off. We had a great time! Beautiful weather -- and not too packed as we were at the tourist spot of Cannon Beach a couple of days before the holiday weekend!

Here's Mike and I at the beach -- our longest walk of our three days there, and beautiful sunny skies overhead!

The beach is hands down dog heaven for Kai. :)

Man and his best friend on beautiful Cannon Beach. :) P.S. Mike did absolutely not want a dog, and for 2 years I had to beg to get a dog. Now that we have Kai, Mike claims the dog is HIS. Whatever!

Check out all the clams living on a giant rock on the beach. Sweet!

Here's where I spent about six hours after that walk on the beach... somehow got hit with a nasty stomach bug or something. So... we sat around and watched the finale of American idol in our ocean-view suite. Ugh.

So this was my entree for the majority of the meals we ate on our little getaway... oh well. :)

But here's the view of a beautiful sunset from our room that first night!

The next day... a little shopping around Cannon Beach. Mike waited here while I ran into a shop to get a cookie for him, and Kai just hopped up on the bench with him. Too cute. :)

Another beach walk that afternoon... and have I mentioned how our dog loves to dig and eat random dead things on the beach, a la crabs, fish, whatever she finds? She had a bit of stomach trouble, too, as a result!

Another shot before we headed home back to P-town! :)

And of course, since we got home I've been crankin' out jewelry, including these lovely new little birdie necklaces. This next week I'm planning to do last Thursday on Alberta... then the following week I'll be out for First Thursday in the Pearl District! :)

Off we go for the day! :)

Happy Memorial Day!!



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