Saturday, May 16, 2009

Craft Fair!! Craft Fair!! Craft Fair!!

Yay! It's Saturday... 12:31 in the morning... and after a good night's sleep... later today... I'm doing a craft fair in Southeast Portland. I'm skipping out on the Alberta Art Hop this year to have a booth at the Richardson Elementary Spring Festival. If you're in Portland -- come see me! The school is at 2276 SE 41st Avenue -- that's a few blocks North of Division in Southeast Portland. I'll be there from 11am to 5pm.

Richardson is the Japanese magnate school where my cousin's adorable son goes to school. Ethan's in school there now -- and his little brother Ben will be there soon, too. For the record -- look at how cute these two are...

That's Ben, the older brother, as ring bearer at our wedding last year. He's looking at his Dad for moral support in this one. Too cute!

And this is Ethan's little brother, Ben, showing me his underwear that he's about to put on his head last week when I was babysitting him. Below is Ethan with said underwear on head. :)

Cute, right? Anyway, in honor of today's craft fair and Spring Festival celebrating Japanese culture... I busted out paper crane earrings this week!!

I made ten pairs in two days... with each earring taking me about 20 minutes to make. So, yes, I'm slow at these. But, hey, the last time I made paper cranes was in freakin' third grade! So I'm pretty happy with how these turned out, seeing as how each crane started as a square piece of paper about 1 1/2" inches in size!! Of course, I had a little help. I couldn't for the life of me quite remember how to fold a paper crane. Hello YouTube! I watched this handy little kid making a crane for a little tutorial. Thank Goodness for YouTube!! If you'd like to make a paper crane... check it out below!

That's it for tonight... errr... this morning. It's been a long day! Happy hour at Huber's with KGW-ers, (and Grandma came along, too, for the record. I wanted her to meet some of my friends)! Then Mike and I headed over to Preston's for a fun little BBQ. Just got back from that a bit ago... tomorrow it's off to Scooter's birthday party after the fair... then Sunday is dragon-boating and a BBQ at Julie's! For Monday night I got Grandma and I tickets to see some famous violinist she loves in concert at the Schnitz with the Oregon Symphony. Busy busy days ahead!! Love it!



P.S. Happy baby shower to Steph today. Sorry I missed it. Glad you're loving the blanket. Yayyy!!!

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