Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Give a Girl Some Freakin' Space!!

This post is about to be all over the place... similar to the current situation that is a span of my kitchen counter.

Yes, that's it... under all the mess. Included in this picture you'll see a Dremel, my display for the little gift wrap cards I made earlier this evening, the mess from making those cards, a paper cutter, a basket of ribbon, glue, display cards showing prices for Saturday's art show, some candles, a napkin holder and napkins, part of my giraffe print purse, a couple pairs of sunglasses, scissors, oh, and there's my phone. Now, find Waldo. ; )

It's been a similar situation on the coffee table, but that's all jewelry-making stuff. Back over on the kitchen counter.... tonight I successfully busted out those aforementioned gift cards:

...and eight of these lovely little price markers for my table:

I want a more cohesive look for my shows... and since I always use a teal and white table cloth... and my black trees from IKEA for jewelry display -- I thought this would do the trick. Here's a shot from the Mississippi Street Fair last July... and my niece woman-ing the booth. :)

Ahhh... summer street fairs. Can't wait for those to start! The next two weekends will host indoor art fairs... easier to set up and find bathrooms, I must say. My favorite so far, though, is the Mississippi Street Fair. Woot!

Meantime, I also feel like all this new teal-ness will go quite well with my existing Etsy setup and my business cards, like so and so:

Okay, well the blurry image isn't the greatest... but it's always on my Etsy shop, too! :)

I had more I was planning on blogging about tonight, but got distracted in the mess that is currently our condo. It's been a long day, too. Drove Gma out to the country this morning, then babysat my little second cousin Ben for a few hours, before going into crafty/jewelry overdrive. Almost done. Tomorrow -- my mission is to create rings using silk flowers I've been thinking of making. A trip to Michaels is in store, perhaps. Fun, fun! Maybe a little cleanup, too.... We'll see. :)



P.S. I scored a fab trade on Etsy today, too. Amy of nJoy designs, (whose Etsy shop I've blogged about before), is trading me a lovely clutch very similar this one for a couple pairs of earrings -- peacocks and copper moon pearls. Sweet deal!! :) This baby's made of waterproof oil cloth... perfect for Portland weather -- or anytime you're around alcohol, (which, as well all know, has a weird tendency to spill). SCORE!!


  1. The display is great...! I know space is always an issue...!
    I live in Biloxi on the coast....How bout you...? Where is the MS Street Fair..?

  2. Thanks. :) The Mississippi Street Fair is actually here in Portland, Oregon... on North Mississippi Street.... so, I guess a bit out of your neck of the woods! ;)