Monday, May 4, 2009

Turquoise Love

Ever since I was a little girl I've had a love affair with turquoise. I think it's in my genes, since my Grandpa Herb was a jewelry craftsman in his later years, and living in Tucson, Arizona, he loved utilizing turquoise in his pieces. In fact, I've got several pieces he made for me with turquoise in them. As a jewelry designer myself, I love using turquoise, too! The beautiful range of colors turquoise can encompass are my favorites and have been since I was young.
I just put together these turquoise and rose quartz earrings and listed them on Etsy tonight:

These earrings, obviously, go along with this turquoise necklace, also listed on Etsy and blogged about here. :)

Using turquoise in these pieces made me want to go Etsy hunting and see what other lovely turquoise-ness I could find on my favorite site. Here's what I found:

These stunning turquoise drops are created by an artist in Seattle. I love these beautiful ear wires! I'd love to someday get to the point in my jewelry making abilities where I could do sterling work as lovely as these. You can find these earrings on Etsy at StrungOutDesigns shop HERE.

Are you kidding me about the above turquoise chunks? Those are actually soap! Oh my goodness... I'm loving this shop. Not only is there turquoise, but there are also soaps that look like amethyst, too. This stuff is beautiful! Check out all the lovely soap from Amethyst Soap on Etsy HERE.

How about a lovely little set of hair clips featuring turquoise, aventurine and jasper? This beautiful Etsy artist is up and coming so be sure to check out this item and more on Etsy in La Vieja Tun Tun's shop HERE.

I'm loving these reclaimed brass candle holders from Viva Zephyr on Etsy. These candle holders are powder-coated in turquoise, giving them this lovely Anthropologie-inspired look. Beautiful!

That's it on the turquoise front. You'd be amazed at how tough it is to find things made with actual turquoise, (outside of the jewelry section), rather than turquoise colored things. Anyway, I'm off to bed soon. Earlier today I was a jewelry-making machine, hit up the gym, went grocery shopping with Grandma, and had lunch with Mike and a former co-worker. Tomorrow night will be a little Cinco de Mayo celebration with friends, as well as a stop at the gym and a new store I'll soon be selling jewelry in called Sweet Jayne. Fun idea... everything in the store is $18 or less. Here's a link... I'll be sure to update when Katery Designs are in the store! :)

Sweet Jayne Web Site

Sweet dreams!


Katery :)


  1. Hello! I found your blog via Twitter. I love your layout, I actually used to have the same exact one on my blog! I love damask. Happy blogging. :-)

  2. I love it, too! Thanks for following. :)

  3. I love turquoise as well! One of my favs. Love to wear it and love to create with it