Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Le Cercle d'Amitié -- and J.Crew Love! ; )

Bonjour! I'm thinking of making my Etsy shop a bit more global and naming jewelry in foreign languages. Let's start avec Francais, oui? "Le cercle d'amitié" is French for "the circle of friendship" -- and that's what my next Etsy item will be. These lovely brass hoops are wrapped in gold with swarovski crystals, and delicately attached to gold chain with more crystals. A perfect gift for mom... or any other close friend who deserves a little something special! :)

10 champagne round swarovski crystals... my fave so far

8 green bicone swarovski crystals...
A bit of a twist... part of a gift set for a friend's mom for Mother's Day!
These are the swarovski crystal colors I'll be able to make these lovely necklaces is: red, clear, champagne, bright blue, solid aqua, solid pink, clear pink and green.

I can also make these necklaces using small jade or amethyst rounds, or pink, purple or white pearls. Lovely! I'm really diggin' that champagne crystal version. I think that might end up in my personal collection one of these days!

In the meantime, I'm busy putting all this jewelry together for this Saturday's "Love यौर Mama" Art Fair। It's from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Gilbert Park Elementary -- 13132 SE Ramona St., just North of Foster. Please come and shop for Mom and Portlanders -- support local artists!

Tomorrow I'm headed to the country to take Grandma out to her brother's Christmas tree farm for a little visit। She'll stay the night, and I'll head back in to babysit my little cousin, Ben. What a cutie! He has a LOT of energy, and I'm sure we'll have fun.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I'm so not in the partying mood after consuming several bottles of wine amongst friends last Saturday night. Drinking is quite unappealing at the moment. Instead, Mike and I treated ourselves to a little split dinner at the O.G. (our favorite spot in the 'burbs -- The Olive Garden)! Great, a post titled in French, Italian dinner, all on Cinco de Mayo. Go figure!

We also swung by J.Crew to spend my free little gift card I got for having a J.Crew credit card. Ah the perks. I got this lovely dress on super sale as a result. Yay!

Oh -- KAREN!! Look, I found the shoes you're looking for while pulling up the picture of my dress. Half off! Go get 'em, Tiger! :)

Okay, that's it... 'Night night! :)



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