Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Forever 21... or Katery Designs?

I cruised over to the mall this evening for just about an hour of wandering through shops. I didn't really feel like being at home after Mike and I went to Typhoon for dinner, (yummmm), so browsed through Nordstrom... then realized I so don't want to spend that kind of money on anything right now... so I hit up Forever 21 instead! Why do I not shop there more often? Well, usually because it totally overwhelms me but tonight I managed. In fact, I managed to find a lovely long blue dress for $14.80 and a pair of earrings for $3.80!! Score! What's more -- I love when I can find stuff I buy in a store... online. Check it... Now, I'm not a fan of buying jewelry, but when I do it's only because I couldn't make it myself. I haven't seen similar metal filigree patterned findings anywhere... but if I do, rest assured this will be added to my collection. My pal Erica's been obsessing over a similar yellow pair I have to these -- so guess who also scored a pair of earrings tonight? :) They've got a ton of different styles just like these in Forever 21. In fact, they had a lot of style just like my stuff in there! I went to the accessory section to see what kind of trends their designers are cashing in on. Imagine when I found rose earrings very similar to one's I've been selling lately, peacock feather necklaces, turquoise-looking chunk necklaces, sparrow charm necklaces. Ha! I've been making this stuff for more than a year. I guess I'm just ahead of the trend. It's always good to be one step, or several steps, ahead!

My latest obsession is Damask. I put the pattern up along the sides of my blog a few weeks ago and have since realized I'm really into it. I was in Target the other day and found a ton of Damask print stuff, so apparently it's in, too! Who'd-a-thought? Of course, any pretty trend you can find in Target -- you can find done MUCH better on Etsy. I can't pimp this stuff enough. Here are my favorite finds! :)

First up -- this beautiful Damask table runner at a totally reasonable price -- just $15 and FREE shipping! Amazing! This Etsy seller does a lot of work for weddings, but I just bought this runner to use on my display table at street and craft fairs. I love this and just can't get over what a great deal it is! She has a ton of different Damask patterns on runners and other fabulous table linens, too. Be sure to check out First Comes Love on Etsy on the link below!

First Comes Love on Etsy

Up next -- I adore this clutch! It's even lined in peacock blue-colored silk -- as we've already established -- it's my favorite color! This beautiful clutch is available on Etsy, and this seller has a ton of beautiful work for your pleasure... some of the most beautiful patterns I've found. Don't miss this one!
Shop Fiaz Co. on Etsy HERE

By the way, if you ever do a search for Damask on Etsy -- you may be surprised to see how many fabulous baby finds come up. I was amazed -- like 80% of what I found was for either pregnant/nursing moms or little ones. Is this another sign? I think my clock has started to tick... as I hear more and more friends are pregnant and head to more and more baby showers. Moms and moms-to-be -- I'm telling you ETSY is the perfect place to find adorable things for babies and kids!

For example... Oh my freakin' goodness. I saw these and just about died. Could they be any cuter? This Etsy seller has some of the cutest baby gear I've ever seen in my life. I'm in love -- and may need to pick up a pair for a pal... hint, hint Ade...! :) Do you love??

Another sweet baby item I'm loving is this cozy little jacket. This seller is also great about custom work -- change a fabric, color, size... she even does FREE custom names embroidered on her work. Too cute!! The name of this shop is Chicken Tattoo -- love it!

Shop Chicken Tattoo on Etsy HERE!

Finally, steering clear of baby gear and onto something any of us could use -- are these lovely Damask fabric cards. What a steal! A set of 8 is just $12... plus you can customize which colors you'd like for your envelopes. These are so beautiful... I think I'm gonna have to nab a set myself!

Shop Lockette on Etsy HERE!

Okay -- so that's the lineup for the Damask love. Be sure to check out all these fabulous sellers and support these great Etsy shops!

I'm inspired to bust out some jewelry tonight in anticipation for the next craft fair I'm doing Saturday. Don't miss it at Richmond Elementary School in Southeast Portland! Want more information? Check HERE... and come visit me on Saturday!! :)


Katery :)


  1. Hey Kate!

    Thanks so much for featuring my damask fabric note cards (also an obsession of mine!)

    Thanks again!


  2. I love damask! I use it for the background in most of my pictures for etsy.

  3. I'm incorporating it more and more into my life... and I love it! :)