Monday, May 11, 2009

Peacock Perfection

I added two new items to Etsy this afternoon... both peacock feather jewelry pieces! I love using peacock feathers... they're one of my favorite elements to work with. In fact, I'm hoping to change my logo, (with a little help from family), to something incorporating a peacock feather. Hence, new business cards, Etsy banner, street fair signs, earrings cards, etc. will soon likely be on the way! I'm seeing my current business cards pop up more and more, and while I think they're beautiful -- I don't want to use what other people are using, too!

Anyway, here are the newest items listed on Etsy:

See them in my Etsy shop HERE!

Of course, anytime I go off on a design tangent, I love to look at what other people are creating on Etsy using the idea, too. There are MANY peacock inspired finds on Etsy that I love, (even some I've purchased myself already)!

For example, this t-shirt from Ancient Future. I love it, but I'm not sure I'd pimp it too much... shipping took 6 weeks... something that was kind of annoying. At least I got it on sale! :)

I'm loving this Etsy artists' feather hair pieces. Sweet Grass Mill uses peacock feathers in a lot of designs. This one just happens to be my favorite of the moment. I've thought about starting to make barrettes adorned with peacock feathers -- but I then decided I'll just stick to jewelry and instead support other artists who are doing this WELL!

I found this print quite a while ago on Etsy, and it's been lovingly placed in my favorites section ever since. This artist, Cafe Baudelaire, hails from Australia, and has work like nothing else out there! What a unique idea for this print! This artist has beautiful work that's so whimsical and in right now! It looks like something Anthropologie would try to knock off. Love it! If you like birds and Victorian-looking flowery things... check out this shop!SunnyDesigns on Etsy has long been one of my favorite shops. This artist creates BEAUTIFUL leather pieces like necklaces I've had my eyes on for years. I found this awesome belt buckle more recently and love it, too!

Finally, my latest find is this awesome Peacock Feather Light Switch Plate from MODest Designs on Etsy. This little piece of art is just 8 bucks. I'm thinkin' it would look pretty sweet in our kitchen.... Mmmmm.... wonder what Mike would think about that? ;)

Anywho, that's it on the blogging front today. Be sure to check out all these fabulous Etsy sellers! I'm expecting an important little phone call this afternoon. Details on that if something comes to fruition as a result... Fingers crossed, I think.

Happy MONDAY! :)

<3 Katery

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