Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why Doesn't This Happen To Me in the Grocery Store???

This video makes me very happy... and makes me want to watch the Sound of Music, too! This little dance action happened out of nowhere to unsuspecting travelers at a train station in Belgium. What a great way to start a Wednesday. Plus, another little gesture that's already made my day -- a little love from Jade, the artist behind Sweet Grass Mill. She's sending me my favorite peacock hair clip as a thank you for mentioning her on my blog and featuring the Contessa hair clip in a treasury. Score! Here it is...
And here's a little love for Sweet Grass Mill... More of my favorites featured on my blog!

Like this lovely bridal feather hair clip. Uh, hello? Can I please get married again? Jade used beautiful cream feathers, including an ostrich plume, with handmade silk rosettes and beautiful hand-sewn crystals, gems, and pearls in the center. Lovely!!

Of course, my obsession with peacock feathers never ceases. I love the style of this headband, too. There are so many different peacock feather items in this shop -- it's hard to choose just one!

Finally, a new fave of mine is this beautiful "Mayfair Lady" Headband. I love the black and white... reminds me of something that would go with Damask. Beautiful!!
Be sure to check out Sweet Grass Mill on Etsy. I can't wait to see my new treasure in the mail!

In the meantime, I just listed this new item on Etsy... Tiny Turquoise Sparrow Earrings
They're a favorite I wear myself all the time! I fell in love with these little turquoise briolettes when I found them at Dava Bead.
Today I'm off to the gym for step class with Regina, then spending some quality shopping time with Erica this afternoon. I guess she was pretty inspired by my Forever 21 adventure. :) Tomorrow I'm looking forward to happy hour with Amy, the designer behind nJoy Designs... yay... and on Friday Mike and I will be joining our former KGW co-workers for a little Huber's happy hour. Fun, fun!

Katery <3

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